Australian universities: bottled water advocates?

Should Australian universities be handing out bottled water in this manner? Keep the discussion alive and tell us how you feel.

Bottled water consumption declines

Results of Roy Morgan research released on August 18th show Australian’s are consuming less bottled water.

NSW Local Councils: plastic policies

In April 2011, journalism students from the University of Technology Sydney took part in a collaborative environmental journalism project to gather information about plastic bottle use in Sydney. Read more about local council policies on plastic bottles and public water access points here.

Bottled water sometimes has contamination on tap

Bottled water is constantly promoted as pure and natural, but research by Nicole Gooch shows it undergoes an industrial bottling process that actually increases risks of contamination compared to tap water.

Bottled water: some hospitals pay big time, some tap into savings

Several of Sydney’s largest hospitals pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for bottled water, while other hospitals around the state buy tap water for reasons of cost and the environment. Elise Dalley reports.

Organic water: the legal loophole

Brands of bottled water labelled as ‘organic’ are breaking an Australian Standard which prevents use of the term in conjunction with water. Elise Dalley reports.

From oil to plastic

// Apr 20th, 2011
From oil to plastic

The popularity of the plastic bottle has grown since its first appearance in the 70s to become an everyday staple for many people. This story is part 1 of 4 in a series about the bottled water footprint by Nicole Gooch.

From Shore to Store: Energy use and carbon emissions

The PET bottle manufacturing process is resource intensive and highly polluting. Nicole Gooch investigates the energy imput and chemical output of plastic production in part 2 of 4 in a series about the plastic bottle footprint.

Towards sustainability: the Coca Cola perspective

Coca Cola’s Sally Loane believes bottled water is a healthy alternative to other bottled drinks and doesn’t understand why there is so much activism against bottled water. Nicole Gooch looks at the argument from their perspective in part 3 of 4 in a series about the bottled water footprint.

How much water for water?

The Pacific Institute estimates for every litre of bottled water sold, three litres of water has been used in the production process. Nicole Gooch looks at how much water is needed to produce a bottle of water in the final part of her series about the bottled water footprint.

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